the Sack of Rome

By 390 BC, several Gallic tribes had begun invading Italy from the north as their culture expanded throughout Europe. Most of this was unknown to the Romans at this time, who still had purely local security concerns, but the Romans were alerted when a particularly warlike tribe,the Senones, invaded the Etruscan province of Siena from the north and attacked the town of Clusium, not far from Rome’s sphere of influence. The Clusians, overwhelmed by the size of the enemy in numbers and ferocity, called on Rome for help. Perhaps unintentionally the Romans found themselves not just in conflict with the Senones, but became their primary target. The Romans met them in pitched battle at the Battle of the Allia. The Gauls, under their chieftain Brennus, defeated the Roman army of around 15,000 troops and proceeded to pursue the fleeing Romans back to Rome itself and totally sacked the town.

This sack of Rome was particularly bad for the Concilluim Roma. Many of the Magi of this time were non-combatants. Softened by thier sucess (and that of Rome in general), more Magi were scholars and philosphers then warriors. Even thier leader Triaxes was a politician at heart. hidden within the Celtic tribe was a cadre of mystical warriors both awakened and not. The enemy magi were shapeshifters, shaman, and druids like never seen in recent memory. Many Concillium magi were hunted down and killed, all the great sanctums were attacked and plundered to some degree. Many priceless treasure were lost, knowlegde destroyed, and evan Triaxes herself was slain. To this day it rummored that the only ones to have survived the attacks were those who hid or fled. To this day it was the greatest blow ever delivered to the Conillium.

Of the Concilluim, only 9 young Magi survived the sack of Rome: 2 of House Guernicus, 3 of House Balbinus, 2 of House Vallerius, and 2 of House Goratrix. They had to take the steps to restore the Concillium Roma to its glory. It was from these survivors that the modern cult of Mercury decend. Out of the ashes of the sack of Rome, Publius Vallerius Magnus bani Vallerious and Maxian Decius Magnus bani Guernicus rose as the leaders of the new Concillium. They decided the best defense was a good offence.

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the Sack of Rome

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