The Rise of the Houses

In the Consulships (460 B.C.) of Publicus Valerious Crinni and Marcus Decimus Tullius, the revered Arch-Magnus Severus Guernicus Secundus, the last living Triumvir, finnaly passes from this world at the tender age of 138. The last decade or so his life spent in reclusion on soem secret project, with his only contact with the outside world being his apprentice Triaxes. The leadership of the Concillium Roma offfially passes into the hands of the next generation of magi.

Triaxes, a magnetic personality and leading figure in the Concillium, tried to convince the members to organize into houses. Opposing her was Goratrix elder, immensely powerful, and orthodoxly devoted to Guernicus’s vision of the Concillium. In the Year (430BC) of the Consulships of Scipio Decimus Tullius & Sextus Brutus Argento the magi of the Concillium Roma organize themselves into House Guernicus , House Balbinus , House Valerius , & House Goratrix .

In the Year (410BC)of the Consulships of Marcus Vallerious Paxtus and Quintus Maxes Lausus, Goratrix leaves never to bee seen again leaving Triaxes as the primary leader of the Concilluim Roma.

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The Rise of the Houses

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